Find a running race

In a search add a keyword you think will be in the race listing or just use the race menu or race calendar.

Using categories. These are added in the vocabulary section on the race calendar page. There are terms for city, state, month, year etc. If you click on one that says half marathon it will show you all of the half marathons. The search above will combine two or more categories such as as races in a given state in a certain month. You can refine this search by copying two of these terms and putting them in the search.

Using search and categories
Use the key words (Categories) above each race. You can use the menu above to get a list of month or state then select and copy city and state or month and state and paste, or just type them into the search box. Two key words work best. Easiest is to copy and paste two of the categories in the the search box.

Using The Search Facility
The search looks for exact words found in the race calendar listing.
You may have better luck searching for the city the race is in because of variations in the race name such as St Patrick's instead of St Paddy's.

Link to your race page